Destroy Your Habits (DYH) is an independent long format interview space found in 2020

Directed by Shohei Takasaki, Eri Takane

September 23, 2020

Destroy Your Habit Statement


ここ、Destroy Your Habitsというインディペンデントなインタビュー・スペースは全く真逆のコンセプトの「イン」コンビニエント・ストアです。世界中で活動するコンテンポラリー・アーティストや、様々な分野のクリエイターによる、カジュアルで、バカバカしくて、そして深く人生について考え、このイカれた社会をサヴァイブするこれらの言葉の数々から、どれをピックアップして「テイクアウト」するのかは、私たち次第なのです。これらの言葉は私たちを別段「待ってはいない」のです。ここは決してコンビニエント(便利)なスペースではありませんが、自分の意思で決め、「新しい発見」を自分の生活にお持ち帰りする場所なのです。


This is an inconvenience store. The regular convenience store will have the products you need. SPF 30 and Ray-Ban knockoffs? In July you’ll find them grouped together next to the inflatables. Nail clippers on the eve of Valentine’s Day? Next to the shelf of chocolates, just above the condoms. Product placement like this is the display of peak capitalism, raised and fed on data, your data. You know what you want but so do the providers. There are no new discoveries in such a system. This is what lies behind convenience.

Destroy Your Habits [DYH] is an independent interview space created as an anathema to this notion of convenience. It’s an inconvenience store, as we’d like to call it. DYH will be interviewing contemporary artists from all disciplines. A casual, silly, profound look at how to survive in this crazy world. What readers choose to “take away” from these interviews is up to each and every individual. We don’t think anybody is particularly “waiting” to read these words. Nothing about this space is “convenient”, but by virtue of your initiative to dive into the interviews, DYH hopes that you are able to unearth new discoveries to bring home into your own lives.

We at Destroy Your Habits hope that this space can act as a chisel to help rid us (staff, interviewees, and readers alike) of habits that squat in our brains and bodies. We hope it can become an archival space worth revisiting for all.

by Shohei Takasaki